Elly Jackson Speaks Out On Music Theft

La Roux singer Elly Jackson

Elly Jackson of checked in with fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@larouxuk) on Wednesday (September 23), reacting to Lily Allen’s blog on illegal file sharing of music and its impact on the recording industry. Jackson writes:

I’m not sure that many people understand that when you sign a record deal, you are effectively in debt to your record company for that amount. It all has to be paid back. As the artist, you also pay for all overheads out of your own pocket. That includes all tour costs, recording costs, marketing costs and the wages of any musicians and crew you employ. Not cheap. The idea is that over time, you will make enough money in record and ticket sales to do this. But it is becoming more and more difficult for new artists to get out of debt when people think that stealing their music is ok.

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One thought on “Elly Jackson Speaks Out On Music Theft

  1. Sam says:

    She is totally right! I used to download free music, but now I only allow myself to get music if I myself can pay for it. The musician(s) work hard to get their music out there, and the least we can do is give them proper credit for it. Love you Elly!

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