Emily Osment Recommends Radiohead

Emily Osment at Z100 Jingle Ball

checked in with fans on her official web site, officialemilyosment.com, on February 28th, asking them what they’ve been listening to. The actress and singer writes:

I often regrettably delve into astrology. I don’t quite know what attracts me to the information regarding my ruling planets, all my stars, and how they are all aligned to please me, but I do find it fascinating. The other day I was reading about my own sign, Pisces, and how much we water lovers rely on music in our daily lives. Music truly is the root of it all for me. It’s where my mind branches out and where I can hide in my own leaves, thus, I am constantly cycling though my life with a soundtrack. At this very moment I am listening to King of Limbs, Radiohead’s new album. I wonder why my Pisces profile doesn’t simply state: Radiohead, as I am always living my life by Thom’s lyrics. If those of you out there haven’t bought their eight newest songs yet, I highly recommend you do. I am astounded by how often I go months without hearing about the world’s new favorite band, probably too focused on my watery emotions so says my Horoscope. What are you listening to at the moment? And don’t give me Ke dollar sign Ha or that Nicki Mirage person, I know about them already!


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