Eminem Act Enrages Mariah Carey

The New York Post reports is angry and hurt that Eminem has been playing private voice-mail messages she left for him in 2001 to audiences of his Anger Management tour. “First of all, that is not her voice on the ‘messages’ played in the concert – it is an imposter,” a friend of the diva insisted. “She is considering suing him for defamation. They did hang out, but it was Eminem who followed her around. He became obsessed with her. Showing up everywhere… She thought he was a friend. She thought hanging out with him was fun, but then he wanted to take it further, and she said no. She never slept with him and he felt rejected and scorned and got very angry.”

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10 thoughts on “Eminem Act Enrages Mariah Carey

  1. Treggie250 says:

    and after he was told by dre etc nt to, bcoz mariahs too much of a powerful person to take on, hes gonna regret this! last time he did this she did clown and tht shut him up for a couple of years and he was advised not to do a comeback even though he rele wanted to! and now I hear his concert sales are slipping, is this coz he sucks or coz he dissed mariah, I hear coz of mariah, am sure theres gonna be something bout him in her new worldwide concert shes organizing now, and I wonder who’s is gonna be more successful, go mariah!

  2. rebamike says:

    Can you speak (type) English please? Thanks.

  3. Maddie says:

    Eminem can’t live on his talent alone, he has to always trash someone when he’s doing something new…..because it makes it more interesting, controversial, he craves attention and since Mariah is doing so well right now why not pick on her????!!!!!!! Besides still holding a grudge on her, come on, where is his credibility? Sure M&M!!!!!!…..very clever!

    I’m sorry but a so called artist that has a sticky outside their albums/CD that says “Parent Advisory” does not necesarily means is good music, there is no need to go there to make good music or have good lyrics. What I like about Eminem is that he can have a sense of humor on his videos and rarely smiles (a bit weird, but whatever), …….I don’t doubt the fact he has talent because unlike Britney’s hubby, he can actually flow!!…lolo….and I never said he doens’t have talent……..I said he can’t live on his talent alone because he feels the need to trash other artist, and you know what? is old news already, he needs to find another hobby. Trashing other artist like that it doesn’t matter who you are, makes YOU trashier…..that’s all I have to say………:)

  4. astrange1 says:

    At first I was going to dismiss this until I saw it was during the Charmbracelet period (following Glitter). Mariah was definitely in one her loony tune periods then, so yeah it’s probably legit. I heard Lindsay say she was hot for Em not too long ago. I guess he attracts women in the middle of a nervous breakdown searching for a daddy substitute. No wonder he always seems so p*ssed off.

  5. galleta says:

    Eminem is fun to listen to his rhymes are fun although some are just disgusting, but’, ‘Mariah is the true singing talent. One really can’t compare the two. Mariah is a singer Eminem is a rapper. Why even try to compare.

    you are right Maddie I get what you are saying…ppl think because the masses love it’, ‘or it gets critical acclaim its great. The majority aren’t always right. Eminem although funny,almost cartoonish, with the ability to rhyme words well, doesn’t give on the right to always put others down. It’s really a cheap move actually.

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    Well, it’s sort of what his fans have grown to expect from him. From the beginning’, ‘he’s been picking on whoever is hot at the moment in the pop world. It’s kind of like how Kathy Griffin makes fun of celebs in her stand-up if she stopped everyone would be like “WTF happened to Kathy Griffin?”

  7. mandysdandy says:

    Stop whining Mariah! What’s the big deal? The world knows she’s crazy. She should have thought twice about leaving psycho messages to begin with similar to the ones she left on her own website during the time. Seriously, just move on.

  8. AFStud501 says:

    “Stan” was good songwriting, that’s it. Mariah has better songs than that (RO)’, ‘In fact, in the September issue of Vibe Magazine, Mariah’s songwriting is described as “impeccable”.

  9. Nukleo says:

    Eminem is hilarious, how could he not use those messages where Mimi was saying the dumbest stuff. Anyone who hears those messages will crack up even the biggest lamechops. Not even Britney has said things that moronic. Gotta love Eminem for letting everyone share in Mimi’s retardedness.

  10. Kizzardkid says:

    He’s all mad because of what she did on her last tour… when she sang “clown” she had a puppet come out that was supposed to be eminem, even put on a detroit jersey, and when she was done with that song the big screen said something of “The Marriot Show” like “The Eminem Show” It was very funny! Anyway, as for people saying that Mariah has no talent in songwritting… BULL*****!!!! That girl writes 100% of all her lyrics and her songs are so much better than any of eminems *****.

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