Eminem Confirms Relationship With Mariah Carey

Access Hollywood chatted with Eminem about romance rumors where the rapper confirmed he had a relationship with Mariah Carey, but declined to go into detail. “The Mariah thing — yeah, that’s true. Those rumors are true,” Slim said. “I’m not going to deny them. You know, we had somewhat of a relationship. I’m not going to get into all the details of it or whatever, but the Kim Basinger thing never happened.”

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One thought on “Eminem Confirms Relationship With Mariah Carey

  1. ginella R says:

    i like you Eminem I like ur songs, you ma boy and don’t study that b…. Mariah she’s a liar I can tell she is. the warning was a good song 4 her and plus you defending yourself I like that stay real that’s how we keep it real. jus remember me ginella rodriguez from the virgin islands,st.croix but am in New York right now. so jus remember me ok.

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