Eminem Parodies Madonna In ‘Just Lose It’

Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com reports that Eminem is appearing as Madonna as she looked during her Blonde Ambition Tour, according to a source on the ‘Just Lose It’ video shoot. Slim Shady will be sporting full make-up, a long ponytail, and conical bra. “Eminem is really getting into sex and gender issues,” the insider explained. Read more.

Britney & Kevin To Honeymoon In England At Madonna’s

September 28, 2004 – The Sun reports Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will bring their honeymoon to Madonna’s sprawling country estate in Wiltshire, England. “Madonna always keeps an eye out for Britney,” a source explained. “She has taken a keen interest in her career. She and Guy decided it would be a better idea to have them for a holiday than send them a gift. Britney was so flattered. She looks up to Madonna and has always claimed she is one of her biggest influences. Spending some time at Madonna’s house in England was the ultimate wedding present – it’s not an audience many stars are granted.” Read more.

Madonna Ends Re-Invention Tour On Top

September 25, 2004 – Contributed by StilettoSadist: Madonna’s Re-Invention tour’s four final venue grosses and attendances top the latest Billboard Boxscore chart. Those shows took place in Paris, Ireland, Portugal, and Holland for a combined take of $23,978,695. The tour concluded in Lisbon, Portugal on September 14th and kicked off in Los Angeles on May 24th selling out all but one performance. Madonna’s three and a half month tour earned an astounding $124,780,787 making it by far the years most successful tour. For a breakdown of the final four show totals by venue read on.

1. Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy: $7,357,529 – Total Attendance 68,000 (4 shows – Sold Out)
2. Gelredome, Arnhem, Holland: $6,759,661 – Total Attendance 73,300 (2 shows – Sold Out)
3. Slane Castle, Ireland: $6,575,339 Total Attendance 62,275 (1 show)
4. Atlantico Pavilion, Lisbon, Portugal: $3,286,166 Total Attendance 33,460 (2 shows – Sold Out)

Parliament Forbids The Entry Of Madonna Into Egypt

September 25, 2004 – Albawaba.com reports that Egyptian Parliament members have submitted an order to Government demanding that American singer Madonna be prohibited from entering Egyptian soil. Parliament members also included a number of other international singers on their list of people forbidden from entering Egypt and called on all their embassies abroad to not grant any of them visas into Egypt or be allowed to shoot any of their music videos on Egyptian soil.

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3 thoughts on “Eminem Parodies Madonna In ‘Just Lose It’

  1. maryfingsunshine says:

    That’s funny and sad at the same time. It’s funny because he dressed up like her. It’s sad because I’ve seen the pix of him in costume, and even though he’s a dude, he looks better in the costume than she did!

  2. AFMartin87 says:

    Does anyone see what I see? Eminem dresses up as a woman in almost all of his videos. I’m starting to think it’s his way of cross dressing without people suspecting him of actually liking it. I wonder what Madonna’s going to say about this? That’s like messing with a god. Hell is going to rain down on him.

  3. fpasko says:

    I don’t think Madonna will mind him doing it. She’ll probably laugh at it. As far as the possibility of Eminem secretly liking it, I don’t know. I think he is just doing it for shock value.

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