Emma Bunton Checks In After LA Visit

Former Spice Girl posted an update to fans on the diary section of her official web site. “Hi there, It’s been a while – OK, it’s been a long while! – but I hope you’re all well,” she writes. “Just wanted to drop you a quick line as I’ve been having a busy time of it – honest! I’ve recently been in LA for work which was a total blast, I have to say. I was there just to have a few preliminary work meetings but the best thing was that I was able to have a bit of time off – I went to see ‘American Idol’ which I’m a big fan of – and I also caught up with a lot of mates while I was there: I hung out with Rachel Stevens but I also got to see Geri [Halliwell] and Melanie B too. Geri looks absolutely lovely – pregnancy seems to really be suiting her – and it was great to catch up with Mel. I went to Phoenix’s seventh birthday party – I can’t believe she’s grown up so quickly, I checked out her playing basketball too, which was very sweet.”

Is Baby Spice Ready To Marry Jade Jones?

December 8, 2005 – According to the latest edition of the popbitch.com newsletter, former Spice Girl was spotted in Vivienne Westwood’s boutique last week, apparently having a wedding dress fitting. The singer has dated ex-Damage vocalist Jade Jones off and on since 1998.

Emma Bunton: Baby Spice Is Over

November 12, 2005 – Former Spice Girl tells The Sun she’s ditching her trademark mini-skirts in an attempt to ditch her Baby Spice image.

“I’m getting too old to wear all those little outfits,” the singer said. “They’re too short and I don’t feel comfortable in them any more. I hate those magazines where you see a picture of someone getting out of a car and they’ve circled the cellulite. I’d be mortified if they showed me like that. So I’m sticking to jeans from now on. Baby Spice is over.”

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