Emma Overcomes ‘Baby Spice’ Tag With Searchers

has established her name beyond ‘Baby Spice’ as search queries on Overture.com during the month of November indicate. The term ‘Emma Bunton’ got 10,403 searches while ‘Baby Spice’ got 2,219. Most of the relating queries consist of looking for nude photos of the Spice Girl. Emma’s most searched for song was ‘Take My Breath Away’ with 78 queries.

Baby Spice’s Solo Career In Trouble

December 21, 2001 – News of the World reports Baby Spice Girl is in danger of being dropped from her label following the assumption that her latest single “We’re Not Gonna Sleep Tonight” won’t make the top 10 in Britain. A source revealed, She was great as a Spice Girl but as a solo artist she didn’t really cut it, even though she did have a No. 1 single earlier in the year.” Still, don’t feel sorry for Baby Spice as the same source added, “She’s proving to be a natural songwriter and has been working closely with a1. So it’s more likely that she will go behind the scenes rather than try to sign to another record label.”

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