Emmanuel Lewis Discusses Michael Jackson

Howard Stern chatted with Emmanuel Lewis and MC Hammer who were there to promote the new WB TV show ”The Surreal Life” which airs tonight. Stern brought up how used to carry Emmanuel around like a baby when they used to hang out. Howard asked him if he thought Michael was in love with him. Hammer thought that was pretty funny. Emmanuel said Michael was a friend of his family and he used to hang around with the whole family, not just him. Howard asked if it was true that Michael used to bathe him. Emmanuel asked Howard if he was crazy after hearing that. He asked Howard if he and Robin ever do anything. Howard wouldn’t get off the Michael Jackson thing though. He asked him if he ever came on to him or fondled him. Emmanuel said nothing like that ever happened. He was also ready to go over and kick Howard’s ass. He said he don’t play that from where he’s from. Read more.

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9 thoughts on “Emmanuel Lewis Discusses Michael Jackson

  1. Leonie Dukes says:

    I love you Michael Jackson, and I really liked you in 1984 you were so cute. But I no your still the same person inside. And Emmanuel Lewis, I really think you were cute in 1984 aswell, but not as in fancieing you. I mean like, cute as looking like a little kid, and you were really funny as Webster Long. :D hahaha
    Michael Jackson you were also funny, but I will allways love you. All my love from my heart goes 2 you Michael + Emmanuel. xxxx XX xxxx Leonie Age: 13

  2. Leonie Dukes says:

    Michael would never do a thing like that 2 kids, but with the Jordie thing, I guess it was just all a misunderstanding somewere. And Michael never did it.
    If Emmanuel says Michael did not do it, then Michael did not do it for gods sake. I think that Michael only used to carry Emmanuel around because Michael wanted kids of his own and Michael never got a childhood so Michael just wanted to play with kids and be one since he never got the time when he was younger, people might think it’s strange to do that. But it really is not strange at all. If you no why he’s doing that, and if you did not have a childhood and got to play with children of your own age not even once then you would feel like that when you would of grown up. Michael just likes having fun.
    Leonie xx Age: 13

  3. Leonie Dukes says:

    Michael proberly did love Emmanuel, just like a friend or Michael properly thought and loved him like a dad.
    And even thow it’s not true Michael bathed Emmanuel, even if it was Michael proberly thought Emmanuel was like a little kid and he was the daddy since Emmanuel is apparantly a dwarf. xx Leonie Age: 13

  4. Leonie Dukes says:

    He proberly thought well bathing him like a little baby would be caring for him. But it’s not true.

  5. Leonie Dukes says:

    Everyone misunderstand’s Michael.
    And I am not a person that misunderstand’s him.
    If he was still 24 or 25 now and still looked like he did in Thriller. And I was the same age then I would proberly get married to him. xxxx Leonie Age: 13

  6. Seromanie (Romi) Cruz says:

    I went to Junior High with Emmanuel Lewis, he was an AMAZING kid! Although he was small, he was a WONDERFUL person!!!!! His parents loved him dearly as for his friends at Satellite IV in Brooklyn, N.Y. he was very special to all of us. How dare stupid people try to ridicule that! Shame on you stupid people!….. Emmanuel loved Michael so much, we did a whole show in 7th grade in Mr. Zwirn’s class honoring M.J……I will never forget as long as I live, how amazing Emmanuel was when he wore the Red PLEATHER SUIT and sang beat it…..the other Junior High School kids went crazy….like they were at a concert! I ended up getting in a lot of trouble because I was so excited & carrying on like I was at a rock concert too……Our principal got mad at me (shoot I can’t remember her name) I think it Mrs. Robinson!

  7. Bri says:

    I have to agree with both of you guys. I fully understand Michael and who wouldn’t love Emmanuel he sounds sweet and I love his show Webster. Michael probably wanted kids of his own around this time so he was being a good friend and daddy to Emmanuel nothing is wrong with that. We should stop judging people because none of us is perfect. Insteading making up false rumors and lies to dehumanize people we should be trying to save humanity like Michael and many more was trying to do. Stop listening to the media they just falsely acuse people to get a quick buck or their 15 min of fame. My heart goes out to michael’s and emmanuel’s family may god bless them. If you are true MJ fan you would agree and try to heal the world life is to short.” I’m not going to spend my life being a color” rip MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON.

  8. yosra says:

    this pervert howard tern is a sick obsessed bastard,,,,i’m happy that emmaneul said the truth ,,i only hope if he actually kicked howard’s ugly ass..

  9. tim says:

    wait a min someone when Michael Jackson was carrying him around and had him sitting on his knee he was older then 20 at the time I don’t see warrwick davis letting anyone carry him around so still wtf it plane and simple Odd behavior you think no way Michael was a pedophile or a child molster look at the facts if you want a women you get her a flower if you want a man you bake him some food Michael built a damn amusment park in his front yerd who could bought Disney land but he wanted kids in his bedroom point in case the fact he admitted having boys sleep over look up the sick clown named John Wayne Gasey no one knew about him either even though he was suspeced

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