Emmy Rossum Loves Dolphins

Emmy Rossum 'Inside Out'

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@emmyrossum) on Sunday (September 21), sharing a story about her experience being around dolphins. The singer/actress told readers:

Here’s one more pic of summer!

This was a pretty cool experience. If you’ve all been checking out my youtube videos at my youtube channel at youtube.com/emmyrossumchannel you might have heard me answer “dolphin” to the question “if you could be any animal other than a human what would you choose?” Well, this is about as close as I’ll get! The dolphin’s skin is so smooth and soft, they are are the sweetest, most intelligent creatures. It was an awesome, albeit a little man-made, experience. Very memorable. Check out my dolphin smooch! Hope you are enjoying what’s left of the summer.

Xx emmy

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