End The Britney Spears Debate… The Simple Facts

Contributed anonymously:

Let’s all grow up and end the Debate. The reality is that the opinions of Britney Haters on this board do not reflect the ideas of the rest of the world. Britney Spears is currently one of the World’s biggest pop stars. You can lie to yourself but it’s the truth.

Although Britney may not rank with the vocal talents of Miss Aguilera, she is no doubt talented, hard working and driven. She has composed a song, ‘Everytime’ that has gone #1 in the UK. She has written lyrics on many of her multiplatinum album. She has starred in a major motion picture that has grossed over 90 million dollars worldwide (although Hollywood writes its own story about that movie). She has come up with the concept for a tour that was at one point the biggest tour in North America (even ranked higher than three females including Beyonce Knowles). She has faced the harsh press and the entertainment industry for 5 grueling years. She can dance with the best and has been commended for her dancing worldwide. She has helped in producing her album which has gone multiplatinum. Her albums debut at #1. Her songs are almost always hits. Her tour is one of the most demanding worldwide and she visits as many countries as she physically can. And there is no denying, is HOT!

-she’s a tour creator
-she’s a producer
-she’s a writer (lyrically and musically)
-she’s a dancer
-she’s a singer
-she’s an actor

And most importantly she is an extremely hardworking individual. I met Britney on her onyx hotel tour in Toronto. The girl is funny, free spirited and she’s definitely not dumb.
Anyways, I too hate essays but I also hate ignorant individuals. She may date who she pleases, make which music she likes, and wear what she wants. Your opinions mean S$@#.
Sorry for making it long
Peace and Love

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