Engaged Former Hear’Say Star Caught Cheating Red-Handed

News of the World reports serial womanizer Darren Day, the man who vowed he’d never cheat again, was caught doing exactly that with former Hear’Say singer Suzanne Shaw. Even worse, Shaw herself is set to walk up the aisle next month with record producer Terry Adams, who described him as her “soulmate”. A source at Belfast’s Grand Opera House revealed, “Suzanne looked the worse for wear. Darren helped her into the room. You could hear him telling her to be quiet as she clattered about. But within about half-an-hour it was obvious to anybody on that floor what they were up to… and Darren wasn’t telling Suzanne to be quiet any more. She was moaning and he was calling her ‘Baby’ as the headboard banged against the wall. Then they were both talking at the same time. That got louder until they both squealed and were quiet. But soon they were at it again. He was shouting, ‘Fu** me baby, yeah’ and she was whimpering in delight.”

Ex-Hear’Say Singer Wants To Work With Eminem

July 1, 2003 – After the break-up of Hear’Say, has aquired some lofty goals for her solo career. Currently working on a production of Summer Holiday in High Wycombe, the singer told The Mirror, “I’d like to work with Eminem – it worked for Dido – but I don’t know how to meet him. I don’t think he’s a Summer Holiday fan.”

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2 thoughts on “Engaged Former Hear’Say Star Caught Cheating Red-Handed

  1. PopDiva says:

    Who the hell are they?

  2. PopGrrl69 says:

    Suzanne used to be in Hear’say (the band that came from Popstars a few years ago) and I’m not sure where Darren is from but he did ‘star’ in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of here… They’re both quite dull (and obviously total sluts).

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