Enough With The Britney Spears Has Turned Trashy Essays

Contributed anonymously:

Yes yet another essay most of you don’t want to read, and the others who do will probably trash. But hey give me credit, at least I’m logged in.

A lot of you have been coming on here and posting about lately Britney has turned “trashy” and it’s not nice to her fans. Saying you see so many pictures of her looking trashy, wearing the same clothes, with acne, messy hair. etc. Give her a break!

One, she has always had acne! Have you ever had a pimple? It’s not like there is too much you can do about it, pick it or wait it out. You can’t stop another one from coming; it’s just the way we are. So don’t say she looks trashy because she has acne! Magazines are only playing up her trashy look by not airbrushing the pictures like they previously had.

I don’t see how she is being disrespectful to her fans. She is only freakin human. We all have crappy days, weeks whatever. We just don’t have photographers following us 24/7. I’m sure she has days when she goes out looking great, it’s just that right now every tabloid is playing up the “Trashy Britney” idea, so they aren’t going to use the ones that don’t go along with her.

So stop posting how she’s been looking trashy lately. It’s really annoying!

Thank you.

Now feel free to trash me, because I honestly don’t care.

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