Enough With The Britney Spears Propaganda

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I just wanted to say something about an essay that talked about how Britney is a pioneer in pop music. First of all, how can you say that she pioneers MUSIC, and yet all you talked about was how many more records she sold compared to Christina Aguilera. Record sales and the actual music are two different things. And I don’t know why you Britney fans don’t admit this, Britney SOLD MORE ALBUMS THAN XTINA, which was why she SELLS MORE THAN XTINA. Is that really that complicated for some of you to understand? I bet if Britney sold just two albums and Christina sold four, I would highly doubt that she would sell more, and I bet that YOU would then be saying “well she sold fewer albums than Christina.” So c’mon now, just because you are a fan doesn’t mean you have to be brain dead. Now, come again, how come you fans don’t talk about her music? You guys are always saying she’s a pioneer in pop music, and yet you don’t say a damn thing about her music. That’s just dumb. These are the things that she has “pioneered” in:

1) Her image: She was one of the first of her age group to come out and tease audiences with her good girl/bad girl image. Before many girls and artists her age broke away from that until Britney came out and kind of started it again. And pretty much it was her music video that started it. If Britney were in some boring music video dancing in pants and a regular shirt I would doubt that people would have caught her image quickly. She pioneered her image into a franchise that worked, that is all.

2) Not having much talent and yet still being one of the most popular pop stars. I mean c’mon, sure her music is fun, but don’t sit there telling people that she’s a great dancer when that girl was taught how to do every single move. Her moves are no different than that of the Backstreet Boys’ and *NSYNC’s. And her singing, don’t get me started. The girl lip-synchs for crying out loud. On her albums you can barely hear her vocals anymore, it’s all enhanced and just so fragmented. And her music hasn’t changed much at all, it’s still the same material, her new producers and such just make it sound more “in.” Britney takes no challenges or risks in her music or her image. And that’s the sad thing. A real pioneer is somebody that can change and take risks without apologizing or trying to cover up their image to be safe.

Other than that, I don’t see what is really the big deal with you fans starting so much propaganda around Britney, and always trying to prove something so damn much. First of all, RELAX, nobody said that she’s over for good, nor did anybody say or deny that she’s not a great selling artist. The fact is, many people don’t think she would last for long at this rate. You call her a pioneer in music, and yet, what has she done musically lately? Do people actually talk about her music? I mean you fans don’t even say anything about her music, so why do you expect other people to do the same? And she doesn’t sing live anymore, and her dancing just sucks! All she does is the same repetitive dance moves, she never makes it different. All the girl ever does is bare her belly and pelvic bone while dancing like a member. And once she actually starts dancing for real, other than shaking her hips and showing her belly, she breaks her knee!! I mean c’mon, if the girl was a more professional dancer like say…Jennifer Lopez, then she wouldn’t be breaking her knee and stuff. How often do you hear J.Lo breaking her knee from dancing? Not to say that professionals don’t break their knees from dancing, but it’s kind of rare, a person that has experience in it has stronger legs and knees from DANCING, not from simply moving their hips. And her last tour was a disaster! So what exactly do you see as a pioneer of music? Somebody that would rather lip-synch than give her fans the live performance that they deserve? Somebody that has the same material in their music? Somebody that never takes risks, and resorts to doing something stupid in the public, and then complains about it as if it was the paparazzi’s fault? Gimme a break. At least wait till the girl actually does something NEW before you talk all that crap. You seem to be convincing yourself more than the people who already know her flaws and can admit it, regardless if they are a fan or not. Just relax, Britney just released 4 albums, the girl hasn’t done anything to pioneer anything but her own image. And as for Christina, if you aren’t’ a fan of her, then mind Britney’s business, not hers.

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