Enough With The Haters Business

Contributed anonymously:

I just have a question for you all. What’s up with you guys always using the term “hater”? What, we speak our opinion about a celebrity that you idolize like god in a negative (and sometimes mature) light and all of a sudden we are “hating”? Get real people, that word is getting so overused now, and it’s so unoriginal. What difference does it make to say something negative about a celebrity compared to saying something negative about a politician, an actress, etc.? It’s all the same, its people just making their own opinion and being realistic and sticking down to their guns to what they believe, not because they feel that they have to worship the person. The way you guys use the term “hater” every time somebody has something negative to say about your celebrity, it just looks childish and immature. Are you going to call your boss a “hater” if he nags you for sitting on your ass all day instead of flipping burgers? Or are you going to call somebody a “hater” just because they prefer diet coke over diet Pepsi? Why can’t some of you allow people to make their own opinion without acting so sensitive about it? I mean damn, these are just celebrities, and they don’t even know that you exist, and they would care less if you (a fan) or a non fan has something positive or negative to say on here.

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