Enough With The Madonna And Mariah Carey Essays

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Now I know i may be contradicting myself by writing an essay about and Mariah to tell you to stop with the Madonna and Mariah essays, but just hear me out if you want.

Why do you Mariah and Madonna fans take things so damn seriously?

First of all, Mariah and Madonna are two different artists who have different styles in their music. If you stopped complaining about them just once you will realize that there’s absolutely NOTHING to prove or to argue about.

Who cares about who flopped more or less, or who made the most or less hits, or who is more legendary or whatever? Let’s get real here…whether you like Mariah or Madonna, BOTH ladies have had their shares of successes, classics, hits, and yes, EVEN flops. This year BOTH Madonna and Mariah have hit gold with their new albums, BOTH which have been successful regardless if one was more popular in the USA or in other countries. If you don’t like Confession on a Dance Floor or Emancipation of Mimi than by all means dislike it, it’s your opinion, and seriously, no artist’s album is meant to be liked by EVERYBODY. But if you are gonna spend your time writing essays and arguing about it in a forum you can at least have the balls to recognize how successful it is without making a fool of yourself, WHILE expressing WHY you disliked it instead of babbling unproven or false facts.

No album is perfect. There is something to love and to hate over both Mariah and Madonna’s new album. But at the end of the day, those who love it will listen to it and cherish it regardless if it sold millions and millions. Whether you people like it or not, Mariah and Madonna are both legends and have both had their shares of successes, failures, hits, and flops, just like any other artist. Can we PLEASE stop with these essays already!

If you took time to read this and at least think about it, thanks, and if you didn’t and just want to bash me for no reason, then oh well, don’t really care. Peace.

P.S. It’s fun being anonymous. :)

Madonna’s Latest Voted Favorite Of 2005

December 30, 2005 – Our previous poll asking what your favorite pop album of 2005 was saw 38.4% respond with Madonna’s ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’, followed by the ’ ‘Never Gone’ with 32.1%, and the year’s biggest seller, ’s ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ with 19.7%.

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One thought on “Enough With The Madonna And Mariah Carey Essays

  1. mali says:

    you are absolutely right! but it is good to argue if you got time to waste :P

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