Enrique Iglesias Accused Of Stealing Song

The Associated Press reports and his producer are being accused of stealing a songwriter’s composition for the title track of the 2001 album Escape. Henry Lorenzo Haynes claimed in a federal lawsuit filed last week that Iglesias’ producer Steve Morales recruited him for compositions in early 2001 and accepted a song titled ‘Remind Me’ in the middle of the year. Haynes claims that song turned up, without any credit to him, on the album.

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4 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Accused Of Stealing Song

  1. Enrique_fan says:

    If this is true, why did this Henry guy wait almost two years to make this known? What, he just woke up and realized suddenly that the song “Escape’ sounds a lot like his song composition? Um…’Escape’ had been played constantly on radios everywhere about a year and a half ago so why didn’t this guy say something then? Sounds like this guy is just trying a ‘get rich quick’ plan to me.

  2. MistySl says:

    *Admin note: Stereotype removed
    So let’s figure this out J LO: a) Stole Mariah’s music, Stole Black Culture for hits b) Lies to Public: She didn’t Cheat on Chris, but she was engaged while still married c) Cheats: oh we know this. So OFF With non-singing Enrique’s Head.

  3. Enrique_fan says:

    What the hell does JLO’s actions have to do with Enrique?

    And by the way, Enrique is neither Mexican or Puerto Rican. He is half Spanish and half Filipino. I still say this story is a hoax. Enrique co-writes his owns songs.

  4. xtinarox says:

    Mexicans are also part of the Spanish culture, you dumbass

    plus, hardly any people gives a damn about Enrique

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