Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova Split

A source tells Us Weekly that and Anna Kournikova have split. “I just got word that Enrique broke up with Anna,” the source said. But a pal stressed that the break-up isn’t something to take too seriously just yet. “They break up all the tim,” the friend explained. “They could be back together by the time (the magazine) comes out.”

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6 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova Split

  1. Comics says:

    They are openly engaged.

  2. kiki says:

    I hate these stupid on and off relationships, it’s pathetic and stupid

  3. Enriquelvr4life says:

    Actually, US Weekly is wrong. Enrique and Anna spent Thanksgiving together in Miami and are now on a tropical vacation. No signs of a break-up in paradise!

  4. Mehrunisa says:

    They are not on tropical vacation. He was in NY a day ago and now he is in London.

  5. getalifeyall says:

    Who cares? they’re both failures at what they do.

  6. Enriquelvr4life says:

    Yesterday, yes he was in NY, but in the days before that, he and Anna were in the Bahamas. I should know…I am his neighbor!

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