Enrique Iglesias Appears On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to promote his new album ‘7’, which is released on Tuesday (November 25). Enrique talked about his upcoming tour and Thanksgiving plans. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: What’s up, guys? It’s monday. You’re watching trl. Damien is
hanging out here in new york city. Another great monday. Another — I don’t
know what I’m talking about. Let’s bring this guy out. He was here not
too long ago. The new album drops tomorrow. His seventh. This is enrique

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Good to see you. All right. Come over here to the window.

Enrique: Wow.

TRL: Got a lot of people out there. Coming down to see you. How’s everything,

Enrique: It’s good.

TRL: A little tired?

Enrique: Man, you’re tall. Didn’t know you were that tall.

TRL: You’re tired?

Enrique: Yeah, I’m a little tired. I just flew in from london. It’s
good. Just hectic, whenever you come out with an album you travel from
city to city.

TRL: You announced that you were doing a small club tour, a bunch of

Enrique: Yeah. They went on sale today. I’m doing radio city here. L.A.,

TRL: Why the smaller — why the smaller venue? Why not just sell out
a giant stayed stadium?

Enrique: Because I can’t sell out a giant stadium that’s why. That’s
a reality.

TRL: A quarter of your sexy smooth superpower would sell out a giant

Enrique: Yeah, right!

[ Cheers and applause ] I’ll make you a bet and win.

TRL: You like the venues?

Enrique: Radio city is 6,000 people. I like to play for a smaller audience.

TRL: Doing an opening act?

Enrique: I haven’t come up with one yet, but I will.

TRL: And you know, we just heard bernie mac’s thanksgiving plans? You’re
tired, you probably want to go back with the fam.

Enrique: I yeah. I live in miami and I’m going to go rest.

TRL: Some turkey?

Enrique: Yeah.

TRL: Of course, the album drops tomorrow. A first look at the osbournes’
new video system coing up. Clay aiken is coming here tomorrow. Speaking
of guests. This is clay aiken and “invisible.” Then I could just watch
you in your room

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: There goes your boy, clay aiken at number four. “I think visible”
is down two. He’s going to be live tomorrow to sing it in person. D is
talking with enrique. Chillin’ out in the crowd.

TRL: We have a first look at you, kelly and ozzy osbourne doing a duet.
Father/daughter type of thing.

TRL: That’s first look. Kelly and ozzy osbourne. Called “changes” from
her new album. Speaking of album, enrique brought his. It’s a seven cd.
Giving the love to the fans. Album is out here tomorrow. Do you get nervous
about releasing albums now?

Enrique: No, I do get nervous, but i think it’s more of a marathon.
Here’s a mic. I like a marathon. Hopefully. A lot of times its a lot of
pressure from the record companies. But, you know, I’m hoping for longevity.

TRL: You said before you were a singer, you ur a songwriter first. Would
you ever think of maybe writing songs for someone else? A lot of people
do that now. They have successful albums and get creative with a pen.

Enrique: I would love to do that. Most of the stuff I have right now
I have written for myself. If i ever quit, I will write for other people.

TRL: People will be enjoying your songs. We go to number three this
is blink 182 and “feel this” on trl.

TRL: That was the third most requested video, blink 182, up one today.
You’re going to be signing copies of the new album at 6:00 P.M.

Enrique: That’s in rockefeller plaza.

TRL: I have no idea. You’re meeting the fans.

Enrique: We’ll be there ten hours.

TRL: Cool. Thank you for stopping by, enrique iglesias. Get some rest.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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