Enrique Iglesias’ Bathroom Romp Behind Anna Kournikova’s Back

Australian actress Emma Kearney has revealed to News of the World her bathroom sex romp in a London club with that occurred only days after he had given girlfriend Anna Kournikova a £90,000 ring. While in the restroom, Enrique banged on the door and Emma says she “unlocked the door, deliberately leaving the top part of the catsuit hanging down so my boobs were completely out. Enrique came in and stood there with his mouth open. It was like he had turned into a little boy and didn’t know what to do with himself. Then he burbled, ‘Oh my God, I want to touch you.’ We started kissing and he had his hands all over me. He grabbed my boobs then stripped me straight away, ripping down the catsuit and my G-string to my ankles. It was really heated. He knelt in front of me and pushed me down on the loo seat. He’s a good kisser and was really into my breasts—he couldn’t get enough of them. He was going from one to the other with his mouth. It was such a turn-on knowing people might see what was going on through the frosted glass.”

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