Enrique Iglesias Discusses Efforts For Earthquake Relief In Haiti

and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park appeared on ‘Larry King Live’ on Wednesday (January 20), talking about Music for Relief and their efforts to raise money for Haiti relief efforts.

Asked about how he got involved with the Download to Donate for Haiti project, Enrique responded, “Mike and his band, Linkin Park, we are both managed by the same management company and they asked me to do this. And you know, I grew up in Miami. And as you know, Miami has a huge Haitian population, and many of my friends growing up are – I mean were Haitians. And they’ve been very affected by what’s going on in Haiti. A lot of them have lost family members in Haiti. So I was – I was right on. I was ready to do it. And I had some music that I wanted to give to Music for Relief that nobody’s heard yet.”

Watch the segment via YouTube below.

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