Enrique Iglesias Discusses ‘One Day At A Time’

offered commentary for his song ‘One Day At A Time’, off the pop singer’s new album ‘Euphoria’, in a YouTube video. “I must have redone the verse about three or four times,” Enrique said. “It’s funny because I wasn’t a believer in reworking a song over and over again. If it doesn’t feel good, a lot of times I’ll just move on. Thank god I didn’t in this one, because it’s ended up becoming one of my favorite songs.” Enrique added that featuring Akon on the track wasn’t even planned, Akon went by the studio and asked to join on the second verse. “Whenever you do a collaboration and that person adds to the song and makes it better, that’s when it’s good. The minute he laid vocals, it just felt like a better song.”

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