Enrique Iglesias Discusses Phooson Collaboration With Johnjay & Rich

was on the phone with Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix on Thursday ( 27) so that they could play his new single ‘Somebody’s Me’. Enrique, still in Helsinki at the time, talked about the Phooson lineup, sleeping sometimes in sweaters, performing ‘Be With You’ with the DJs at Phooson, his “great band”, and more.

The interview audio at akamai.net has since been removed.

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One thought on “Enrique Iglesias Discusses Phooson Collaboration With Johnjay & Rich

  1. danny says:

    Its just sad how JohnJay and Rich use the celbs to try and gain their own fame.. They make Phoenix look bad. They told Enrique that they would not play his song unless he called them EVERY DAY. So Enrique did, he called them EVERY Day for a YEAR! Then they made him fly themEnriques shows. So sad..

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