Enrique Iglesias Gives Confusing Answer On Posing Nude

was on Britain’s C4 Popword recently where he talked about the possibility of him posing nude. Enrique said, “I would consider posing nude for $50,000 but not less. No, that’s not true – I’d pose for free. Nah, I wouldn’t pose for free.” He later said, “Of course it would have to be artistic. But I still wouldn’t be able to do it.” In explaining his reluctance, Enrique said, “Once I was this close (indicates a very small distance with his fingers) to doing it, but I didn’t have the guts to pull my pants down. You know, there isn’t a lot to see.”

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5 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Gives Confusing Answer On Posing Nude

  1. Nandini Ganguli says:

    “Don’t have the guts to pull the pants down!!!???”
    So damn hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ave Vale says:

    Enrique you just pull off your pants and whatever more are you wearing. Don’t worry. Many girls are waiting there impatiently to cover you up with their hands.

  3. Ave Vale says:

    Enrique you really don’t need to pull your pants down. One can see through them as well if the have good enough perception.

  4. Ave Vale says:

    He could have been my man then.

  5. Ave Vale says:

    Be my man Enrique. Then ya really will feel safe about your pants

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