Enrique Iglesias ‘I Like It’ Video Ft. Pitbull (‘Jersey Shore’ Version)

Enrique Iglesias 'Euphoria'

is out with the ‘Jersey Shore’ version of his ‘I Like It’ music video, featuring Pitbull. The song is off the Miami pop singer’s upcoming album ‘Euphoria’, out July 5th via Universal. Watch the David Rousseau directed treatment, featuring the cast of MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’, via MTV.com below the cut.

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11 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias ‘I Like It’ Video Ft. Pitbull (‘Jersey Shore’ Version)

  1. Palak says:

    awesome song….
    And Enrique is lucking too cute man …!!

  2. manpreet mann says:

    Awesome video & Enrique is too awesome really man too awesome………..

  3. maira orozco says:

    I love you guys

  4. maira orozco says:

    You guy should make more videos

  5. maira orozco says:

    Hotties is what I see when I see that video especially the guys from Jersey Shore!

  6. stephanie sizemore says:

    I love Enrique and Pitbull there the best hot sexy singers in the hip hop world omg my heart racing because I just watched the jersey shore mixed video. That’s the funnest video I ever seen but I loved it. You guy from Jersey Shore make good videos.

  7. stephanie sizemore says:

    No Enrique is the hottest guy in the whole video you make good videos I love it. And Pitbull is loving the party your the great party man you’ll make my party rock. Love you guys.

  8. melissa ryan says:

    fittys xx
    I love you guys so much :) <3 xx

  9. eliza willett says:

    you well good but you ain’t fit sos

  10. ALFAPLATINO says:

    Pitbull and Enrique very nice song.

  11. ALFAPLATINO says:

    Pitbull and Enrique for ” I LIKE IT” very nice song

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