Enrique Iglesias: I Need A Penis Reduction, Not An Enlargement

tried to clear up the confusion about the size of his manhood, telling The Sun: “I meant I needed a penis reduction, not an enlargement! I’m huge! The people who wrote I had a small willy misunderstood. They asked me if I wanted to explore other options after a music career and promoting True Star perfume for Tommy Hilfiger. I said perhaps I could do my own condom range – but the condoms have to be small.” Read more, including pictures of the singer visiting McDonald’s, here.

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5 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias: I Need A Penis Reduction, Not An Enlargement

  1. Lewis Bailey says:

    Enrique’s hot but he needs to make his mind up about his penis. he said in a recent magazine interview that he wouldn’t pose in underwear because he doesn’t have the package.

  2. X E I says:

    I would rather like to know about the inches of his phallus. is it really as long as my whole? (5’4″).Why doesn’t he become a super porn-star?Its artistic
    as well good money it can bring to him.

  3. Ave Vale says:

    Why doesn’t he state clearly the accurate inches of his phallus?

  4. Ave Vale says:

    is Enrique as long as my whole(5’4″)?

  5. Ave Vale says:

    Why doesn’t he pose in a 3x movie. Hey Enrique its artistic & ya can get good amount. ya can sing in the background music also.Really ya sing with whole of your phallic heart. It’ll suit you.

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