Enrique Iglesias Is Calling Emma Jones Non-Stop After Snog

The Mirror reports Enrique Iglesias – who told Emma Jones the other night “I shouldn’t be doing this” just before shoving his tongue down her throat – has been calling the 24-year-old non-stop ever since. Meanwhile, soccer star Dwight Yorke also has his eye on Emma. “She knows that things won’t be serious with Enrique as he has a girlfriend. And she seems very keen to see where things go with Dwight,” a source revealed. “Obviously it’s early days as she’s only been out on one proper date with him, but she really likes him. Emma is very aware of Enrique’s relationship with Anna. But she’s flattered he’s calling her so much. She’s going to meet him at the Top Of The Pops studio and then he’s taking her out for dinner.”

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