Enrique Iglesias’ Remarks Enrage East Germans

has landed himself into more hot water with people in East Germany who are angry because of his remarks about the dark and depressing town of Leipzig, which inspired him to write his latest single ‘Addicted’. In a poll of locals, the people say, next time, when he performs in East Germany, they will throw tomatoes at the singer.

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One thought on “Enrique Iglesias’ Remarks Enrage East Germans

  1. Enrique_fan says:

    OMG! This is such bull crap! All Enrique said was that the weather there at the time was depressing because it was rainy and gloomy. He didn’t say the country, itself, was depressing! Duh! Can’t people read or understand what he meant? He is from Miami where he’s used to warm and sunny weather so he innocently commented on the gloomy weather in Germany, not intentionally putting the country down. Geez, can’t these people who keep criticizing Enrique get a life? Just because he’s gorgeous and talented, they are envious and have nothing better to do but say crap about him. Maybe because they can’t pick on his (now gone) mole anymore, they have to pick on him over any little thing. It’s so pathetic!

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