Enrique Iglesias Sings About Anna Kournikova On ‘7’

is singing of his love for Anna Kournikova on his new album ‘7’. On the track ‘The Way You Touch Me’, Enrique sings, “I was stuck in my fantasies until you came and liberated me.” He tells Star magazine’s Victoria Gotti, “I try to be as honest as possible in my music, so I write about what goes on in my life. This CD reflects the last year and a half – including relationships.”

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2 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Sings About Anna Kournikova On ‘7’

  1. Mehrunisa says:

    Too bad for Enrique that no one wants to hear about his relationship with Anna, and no one is buying the album. Maybe you should break up with her, Enrique. Broken heart makes better music.

  2. Mehrunisa says:

    Enrique should go back singing in Spanish. His Spanish CDs were great.

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