Enrique Iglesias Updates From Italy

posted a new message to his fans on his official website on Thursday. Enrique said,”Hi Guys. Today is a day off for me so I wanted to send you a message. I’m in Italy right now and I have a show here tomorrow. The crowds have been so amazing, thank you to all of you guys that have been able to come and see the show. I look forward to seeing more of you guys out there before this leg is over! Last week they taped the last of the MTV Diary show. Should be interesting! I know its been awhile, but the video for ‘Dont Turn Off the Lights’ should be done in a couple of weeks! I hope you guys like it. For those of you in Europe that have seen the ‘Love to See You Cry’ video, I hope you like it as well! I’ll talk to you guys soon.”

As for his cancelled show in Scotland after he came down with a throat virus, Enrique added, “Fans in Glasgow. I’m going to pay you back- You know what I mean.”

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