Eric Dill Departs The Click Five

The Click checked in with fans on their blog at myspace, with news that singer is no longer with the boy band. “Hey Everyone! We hope you are all doing great,” they write. “We are excited to announce that we have brought on a new singer. After several years of playing together we have decided to part ways with Eric. We know he will be missed by many and we wish him the best success in his other endeavors. All that said, things are getting very exciting for The Click Five! Get ready because the first single off our sophomore record will be hitting the airwaves within the next month, and we’ll be revealing the new singer as soon as we get some hot topless shots of him for you! Changes come with the seasons and we are excited that this Spring is going to be the rebirth of everything we love about music. We’ll see you in your city soon! Lets do it, Ethan, Joe, Joey and Ben”

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10 thoughts on “Eric Dill Departs The Click Five

  1. maria says:

    Y’all were so awesome with Eric I miss him but the band is still great I love kidnap my heart its on my myspace

  2. dominique vance says:

    Hi, um yeah y did you leave Eric you were so hot sweet and omg you left like you did not want to be with them no more what the HELL is wrong dude!!!!! Just get back wit them I have not talk or look at the Click Five in 3 years!!! JUST GO BACK 2 THEM PLEASE PLEASE DO IT FOR ME !!!!!

  3. joey zehr lover says:

    I MISS ERIC!!! He is a way better singer then Kyle how could they do that!? (no offense to Kyle)

  4. ericdilllover says:

    I miss Eric. when he was here I spent over $250.98 on you guys. With out him I don’t have a number 1 band to look up to. thanks for crushing a teens dreams LOSERS.

  5. crazychic99 says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! how could you do this! you guys are just sick, just plain sick . No one can replace Eric!

  6. why?!?!? says:

    Why did Eric Dill leave?!?! did the band like not like him or something?!?!?
    how dare you replace Eric. he started your band I miss Eric!!! Kyle sucks!!!!!

  7. num_num16 says:

    Aw this sucks I hate that you guys split he was really good and you guys sounded awesome!!! I hope you guys the best though!! And stop nagging on them (to other fans) they still want to have a career in music so just like AC/DC did they got a new singer! And they still smoked other bands off the stage!! So be nice!! lol

  8. Taking5movielover says:

    You guys are great musicians and great actors!!!! What happened between you and Eric??!! You guys are awesome but don’t feel bad about those stupid people who are saying bad things. Because if you guys had to split with Eric it must have been a really good reason why. I have a question do you guys answer fan mail that you get like do you reply to them? And is there any possible way to buy the song kidnap my heart? I wish I could meet you guys because you all rock!!! And good luck Kyle and have fun rocking!!!!! Love y’all so much!!!bye!

  9. moira says:

    Aww this sucks. I was a fan of you guys when Greetings from Imrie house came out. I was like in 3rd grade but my older sisters made me listen to it but I didn’t mind. and I decided to start listening again and then I hear this. Kyle is good but I like Eric more no offense. I still love you guys

  10. hannah says:

    What happened to the band? Eric was awesome!!Now he sings in solo career…Some say that after taking 5 he split the band to do a solo career!!BUT that’s a lie he’s pissed at them so something had to happen!!If someone knows what happened please tell us!!!We wanna know what happened with Eric and the Click 5!!!!

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