Eric Hutchinson ‘Rock & Roll’ Video Making Of

Eric Hutchinson behind the scenes on his 'Rock & Roll' music video shoot has posted some behind the scenes footage during the making of his ‘Rock & Roll’ video, which features a cameo by Perez Hilton, whose mention of Eric on his blog helped get him signed by Warner Bros.

“The idea of the video is that I get into a line and it’s an impossibly long line of people all waiting for something, we don’t know what, and I keep walking by the line and it gets weirder and weirder and more absurd and is crazy different kinds of people,” Eric explained. “It should be Perez Hilton is coming by later. He’s gonna be in the video, which is exciting. He gave me a big shout-out on his web site, which really helped my album sales and actually helped get me signed on to Warner. He’s gonna come and be in the video and bring it all full circle, which should be fun.”

Watch the clip below.

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