Eric Nicolau Releases Debut Album ‘Won’t You Stay’

Eric Nicolau 'Won't You Stay' album cover

Eric Nicolau is set to self-release his first solo album, ‘Won’t You Stay’, on Tuesday (January 10). Visit for more information. The pop singer has an active role as a guitar and keyboard player in the band on FOX’s hit show, ‘GLEE’ and a recently played guitar for on Selena Gomez’s summer tour.

Playing the guitar, bass, piano, drums and trombone – he draws inspiration from a wide range of musicians including Radiohead, The Beach Boys and Ray Charles. His 7-track album, ‘Won’t You Stay’ is led by the first single off the album, ‘How We Grow Old’. “This song is a reflection on falling in love and wanting to know what will happen in the next phase of the relationship…. How does life together with someone you love unfold? Is it possible to stay in love forever?” says Eric.

‘Won’t You Stay’ Track Listing:
1. How We Grow Old
2. Won’t You Stay
3. Danny Wait
4. Get Down
5. By The Wayside
6. Say
7. Take It Easy My Brother Charles (Jorge Ben Cover)

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