Esmee Denters: “I Will Never Heidi Montag My Ass”

updated fans on her blog at her official web site on Wednesday (June 2), talking about having her hair look like a mess today and how a stylist recently glammed her up with hair and makeup. The Dutch pop singer writes:

It’s amazing how great make up and clothes can make you feel. I love being a girl playing dress up, and trying out different looks. But sometimes when you take all those things away you can start to lose some of your confidence. I mean, I’m pretty happy with whom I am and I will never Heidi Montag my ass LOL. I would love to have flawless skin maybe bigger boobs. That’s just not who I am, and that’s fine. We all have insecurities about our bodies, I know I do! I think being insecure is a natural thing and trying to be perfect all the time isn’t.

The entire message at has since been removed.

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