Esmee Denters “Very Saddened” By YouTube Deleting Her Account

Esmee Denters acoustic performance updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@esmeedenters) on Tuesday (March 17) after YouTube deleted her account. The Dutch pop singer tells readers:

Hey all

I was really shocked when I first found out that YouTube deleted my account. Literally my heart skipped a beat! I want you to know that I am doing everything I can to get my account back on YouTube. This might mean that I have to delete some of my favorite cover songs…so sad! As I am very saddened by this, I am very hopeful that YouTube will get my account back up soon.

Big kiss,

Update: Esmee’s YouTube account has been restored according to another MySpace blog:

I am back on youtube guys! They reinstalled my account yesterday yeahhhhhhh!!! Thanks so much for all your comments!

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