Esthero’s Third Album Takes Rapid Shape

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (February 2), talking about the unintended progress on her third album after posting a couple new song snippets on her player, including ‘Black Mermaid’ and ‘Everything Is Expensive’. The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

Well, it wasn’t really my intent to make an album, but that’s what seems to be happening. You see, I was in one of the worst slumps of my life when suddenly, like clockwork, every night around 4am, as I tried to sleep I could not, for visions of sugarplums… lol… the music, the music was so loud in my head. My producer brain clicked on… songs I’ve been sitting on for a minute, suddenly became quite clear… and I could not sleep.
So I booked some studio time.
4 days, actually, in which my intent was to finish 2 songs.
By day 2, I had 4 songs on the go.
To date, I’ve had about 12 sessions, and now have 8 or 9 songs in various stages on my plate.
Funny isn’t it?
7 years for the 2nd album, and it’s looking like the third will have taken all of maybe 20 sessions.

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