Eva Longoria Two-Timing JC Chasez?

‘Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria is poised to destroy her romance with star JC Chasez by two-timing him with a director on her show. “It’s just like her character Gabrielle Solis on ‘Desperate Housewives,'” a source declared to The National Enquirer. An insider said, “It’s clear that JC has no idea Eva has another man. If he did I’m sure he wouldn’t be pleased. He’s really crazy about Eva.”

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6 thoughts on “Eva Longoria Two-Timing JC Chasez?

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    They’re such an odd couple, but hey I think they’re cute together.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    Good for her, he’s still trying to screw boys on the side so he won’t care much.

  3. EveryoneSucks says:

    Eva honey, JC is gay, I’m sure he’s screwing the director too. Don’t worry about it.

  4. jclovergirl98 says:

    HEY all you people who are putting JC down need to get a life. He doesn’t deserve to be put down and he don’t deserve to be with someone like Eva and the fact of the matter is she has never said she was JC’s girlfriend and she has never said that he was her boyfriend and all she said is that she is JC’s friend and that he is a great guy. Please stop putting JC down and saying that he is gay.

  5. chasezsmells says:

    That would be very sad. The poor guy. BUT… here are the things going for their relationship 1. every single time there’s a celebrity couple that’s “out there” the tabloids all have to come up with some story about how the romance is in jeopardy…. which they never are. 2. It’s from the National Enquirer people. Get real

    Oh yea… and if he WAS totally unaware… WOW he’s a little slow…. but now I think that the tabloids are posting stuff he would have SOME idea…………. by the way… he looks like Jimmy Fallon.

  6. jclovergirl98 says:

    If she wants to see other people fine but don’t hurt JC because he deserves better than that and if she wanted him then why she seeing other people and why doesn’t she say that he is her man and her boyfriend then? She eventually don’t want to be his girlfriend or she wouldn’t be dating other people even if she only go out with the other people just once she don’t need to go out with other guys unless all she is,is a great friend to him not someone that he is having sex with.

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