Evan Taubenfeld Defends Avril Lavigne

The Black List Club frontman Evan Taubenfeld, a former member of Avril Lavigne’s band and songwriting collaborator, posted the following update on his blog at MySpace on Thursday (July 12) in reaction to the The Rubinoos’ lawsuit over ‘Girlfriend’:

Originally I wasn’t going to post anything regarding this since I think it’s absolutely fu**ing ridiculous (that and I’m kinda nobody so it doesn’t really matter), but for whatever reason the issue seems to be only escalating and I want to just clear some sh** up. Avril is one of my dearest friends in the entire world and I find it pretty unbelievable how contorted the stories I’m hearing are. Chantal ate her words already, so I’ll let that issue pass. The Roobinoos (who?) are fu**ing a**holes. Check out their shi**y ass myspace and I think it’s pretty obvious that they’re dying for attention and publicity. This is a pathetic attempt to hurt someone for their own benefit. I’m not a musicologist or whatever those fancy dudes are called, but I know this: I’ve written a sh**load of songs with Avril, (7 of which we’ve been lucky enough to have recorded together and release on her records) and I can honestly say that she was a huge part of creative force behind all of them. Any accusations that she isn’t a songwriter are ludicrous. The one thing in common with every hit she’s ever had is that she wrote on them, not someone else. The Matrix, Chantal, and even myself, we come and go but she’ll always be writing good tunes for her records. Anytime her and I have ever written anything that resembles something else she’ll make note of it and we’ll abandon it, so anyone who says that she knowingly rips people off are just hating on her. It’s very easy to pull and pick someone apart once they’re huge, but the truth is you don’t sell 25 million records unless at the core, there is a large amount of talent and innovation to drive the thing. (there is always an exception to the rule eg; Creed)

So basically, if you’re a hater fu** off, I think the fans of her music know the truth, and to be honest, it doesn’t matter, in 6 months the Roobinos will be back to serving up fries for us and Avril will be on a huge tour enjoying her long earned successes.

Why the fu** do you have to pay for internet at Starbucks? wtf? My latte was already 9 bucks

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3 thoughts on “Evan Taubenfeld Defends Avril Lavigne

  1. Dani says:

    My GOD Evan is so win!!
    He’s bloody awesome.

  2. tryingtofindoutaname says:

    Evan rocks!he’s always there for Avril it’s cool!!I think that they would be a perfect couple!!!

  3. Steve Cox says:

    I think its wonderful the way you backed up your ex. I have felt that YOU are a great somewhat underdiscovered talent who I know will shine. Hope to see you live someday in Cincinnati. (Bogarts) If you are looking for a great talented drummer, James Kottak (of the Scorpions should be available early in 2013) He can play any style of music.

    Good luck
    You are awesome

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