Every Pop Star Today Is Missing Something

Contributed anonymously:

I’m writing this essay because I’m sick of expecting great entertainment and getting nothing but incompetent and desperate “wannabes”. No performer today can deliver a quality performance like it was in the good old days, back when Mariah Carey and were around. Every performer today is missing something and there is just nothing great to watch on TV anymore. Just look at Ashlee Simpson; the girl is missing EVERYTHING. She has a face of a gremlin and a voice of a constipated pigeon. I don’t believe for a minute that she sold 400,000 copies in 1 week. It’s all a bunch of bullsh**; I wouldn’t listen her CD if they paid me, hearing her annoying voice on the radio is enough torture for me.

On the other hand, her sister Jessica Simpson seems to have all the qualities of a star: good voice, nice looks, and fun personality. But when she performs all hell breaks loose. It’s unbearable to watch or listen to Jessica. She fu**s up every song by screaming and opening her gigantic mouth too damn wide. That sh** looks like it’s about too swallow you.

Her rival, seems to be ok in that department in terms performing. She has an undeniable stage presence and flawless dance performances. But as a “singer” she doesn’t do a whole lot of singing. In fact, she almost never sings live. Watching Britney lip-synch is like watching a puppet trying to catch up with a tape, it looks awful and embarrassing. During her HBO special she only sang 2 songs live out of the whole show. Well, after watching her sing live, it may be for the best that she sticks to lip-synching, lol because watching her trying to sing is painful.

Hell, I’ll admit, sometimes, it’s even painful to watch Christina Aguilera sing live even though the girl can sing. Does she have to scream so damn much? We all know she’s talented and can sing Britney’s butt off stage, but the oversinging has to stop ’cause it ruins her performances big time. The girl can sing and dance well, but her poor song choice leaves her talent out in the dark. She should borrow some songs from Britney who does not deserve some of her hits.

Oh, and there is Beyonce; She can sing, dance, and has a good song selection but there is something about her performances that is just so ……… hilarious. In her weak attempt to look sexy she comes off looking like a circus clown. With her booty all over the stage, trying to catch up with the dancers, jumping and moaning she comes off looking rather comical and desperate rather than sexy or professional.

So, if you take a look at all the pop stars mentioned above, not a single one of them can deliver a descent performance. We need some new talent fast because the ones we are offered today are just not good enough.

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