Every Song On Skylar Grey’s Album Sounds Different

Skylar Grey 'Invisible'

Skylar Grey (Holly Brook) spoke with Digital Spy in a Q&A, where singer talked about putting an album out after being featured on songs with big name artists, if those artists will be returning the favor on her CD, if she considered entering a reality show like ‘The X Factor’, not knowing who is despite reports of a collaboration with the singer, the most important career lesson she’s learned and if the album’s first single ‘Invisible’ is the sound fans can expect throughout the release.

“It’s a piece of it. Every song on the album sounds different,” Grey said about ‘Invisible’ being representative of the album. “When I’m making music I don’t pin myself down to one particular sound. I also put out a song titled ‘Dance Without You’ and if you listen to that compared to ‘Invisible’, they sound really different. The there’s plenty of stuff on my album that doesn’t sound like either of them.”

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