‘Everytime’: A Clear Message To Justin Timberlake

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Synopsis: When it starts, the two are in the limo. Britney Spears tries to talk to him, he refuses to listen yet. The reporters are all swarming with copies of tabloids and magazine articles. On the stand the headlines read: “Britney’s Shocking Secrets Revealed” and “Still in Love?”. The second is key in that it poses the question she’s about to answer in the video.

They make it into the room but there’s a heated conversation where Britney asks him (In the hallway when you threw the stuff) “Why though?” and her boyfriend responds “Look, I’m sorry..” and tries to hug her but she pushes him away and cries “Just stop!” He proceeds to tell her “Yeah? Well fu** you!” while smashing a vase. Britney turns away in disgust and goes into the bathroom.

Britney looks in the mirror but it’s Spirit Britney who turns to look back at her and the situation that just happened. The boyfriend is still in a rage, wallowing in it. She’s shedding her clothing and cleansing herself in the tub. Ironically, at the same time, he’s taking off his shirt (a part of his outer self).

Britney now feels pain up in her mind (her body is injured) from the struggle and she’s bleeding. Spirit Britney now talks to us (to HIM?) “Please forgive me,” She walks through the emergency hallway in the hospital oblivious to the goings on.. “my weakness caused you pain. And this song’s my sorry.” The pain she feels is too much for Britney’s body and she slips and disappears into the cloudy water, her last breaths bubbling to the surface.

Spirit Britney runs towards us through the hallway distressed, but emerges in her hospital room where paramedics are trying to revive her body, but she passes it by into the next room where a mother is giving birth to a brand new baby girl. A small child being comforted in her mother’s arms.

The boyfriend finally gets off his a$$ and goes to check on Britney in the tub, but it’s too late. He leaps into the murky water to try and pull her up to breathe, turning her face to him, but her spirit talks to us instead: “At night I pray.. that soon your face will fade away. And everytime I try to fly, I fall without my wings, I feel so small…” (The baby is being handed to the thrilled mother wrapped in a pretty pink blanket) …

..but then the video shows Britney’s revived body being rushed away from the hospital. Britney’s spirit is now running away from us, occasionally looking back in what might be considered fear. She runs right back to the room with the baby and watches over it closely.

Now Britney’s body emerges from the water, gasping for breath, but smiling. There is no more blood, she is not in pain, and there is no more blood on the head rest of the tub. She looks from side to side radiant and beaming.

The Message: The press hounded them about Britney’s “secret” and flew into a bitter rage, taking out his frustrations on everything in sight, oblivious to the fact that Britney was being seriously hurt by it all. He didn’t even try to protect her from it (in the video he’s even trying to get ahead of her into the safety of the building). When Britney shoved him and asked him what the matter was with him, he still couldn’t hold down his childish fit in public (he kicked the boxes in the hallway where a female worker was present). Britney had enough with both Justin and her own body guards who try and hold onto her. She ripped away from them both and marched into her room. She confronts him again and he’s finally calmed down enough to apologize, but it’s obvious he doesn’t mean it when he breaks the vase and tells her fu** you”. The argument is officially over.. they hadn’t come to any good resolution.

Justin shed part of his clothing, his outer self, Britney, all of hers, symbolizing that while he still keeps a part on, she’s taking it all off. The water she bathes in isn’t clear.. it’s clouded like the way she feels: uncertain. But she was hurt so badly she drowned in her confusion and sorrow rather than ask for help. Britney recognizes the whole mess is her fault, but she’s sorry for it.

There is no saving them. Even when she’s running back to him, and he’s trying to hold her head up from the mess, it’s useless. Now all Britney can do is hope that their memory can fade from her mind.. that his face will disappear and let her move on. The paramedics (better known as her managers are trying to revitalize her body or her “image”) try to bring her back from the brink and they succeed and Britney’s image was salvaged, but Britney’s soul remains with her hope (the baby). Not for them, but for something new, small, fragile. She’s not running to him anymore, she’s running away. She’s going to watch over the small part of her that’s survived all hurt and emerged for a fresh start. She’s someone different, she’s changed.

Britney is alive despite their relationship. She’s happy and even thrilled that she’s found the strength inside of her to rise up out of the murky water and breathe in a fresh new start. She’s even thrilled to look forward to the future.

Is she still in love? The answer is she’s moved on and she’s happy with her decision.

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10 thoughts on “‘Everytime’: A Clear Message To Justin Timberlake

  1. JMAX says:

    I read this in a forum as well, so I don’t know if the person who wrote it is the person who submitted it. But all I can say is, these people are looking into this too much, and have way too much time on their hands.

  2. Brinn says:

    O/T – Everytime is positively the worst Britney song I have ever heard. She has never sounded so awful.

  3. MCkiwiLamb says:

    All that in a 3 minute video? They make it sound like she directed it as well. I am pretty sure Brit was not reaching that deep. Not in her character.

  4. grace_04 says:

    This post was unnecessary. Stupid post. Why not just tell the people to watch the damn video? Everyone knows what the message is. Britney targets this song to Justin.

  5. richauriliaishot says:

    Consider this: The video takes place at the Palms, also that covers that are referenced too here, say Is she still in love, and feature, Jason… not Justin. All signs point to a song about Justin, the video about Jason.

  6. Unique6969 says:

    DAMN People, yeah this is extremely long and stuff but it’s really nice… I actually like it…she seems to be a hard core Britney fan who believes in her….you guys shouldn’t being talking sh.i.t about this girl….leave the poor girl alone.

  7. melikkab says:

    The only part of the video I got was when she was being wheeled and loaded into the ambulance. There were fans still trying to get her autograph even though she might have been dead. That was the only part of the video that even piqued my interest.

  8. fandango says:

    Everytime’: A Clear Message To Justin Timberlake, and I though that I over-analyzed. A few parts are creative, but others are a REAL stretch. I’ll give you a C+. BS wouldn’t understand 10% of your observations.

  9. spotty says:

    Boy you really know how to come up with a pile of crap don’t you. Although the song is about Justin and her apologizing to him for cheating on him the video has nothing to do with either the lyrics to the song or Justin. The video is a bunch of crap just like your synopsis is. It’s more about Britney crying out that she hates her life and is sick of the press, her fans, and the tabloids. So she’s 22 years old. Do something to change it instead of letting her parents and management team control her.

  10. Laramia says:

    I want to know if Justin Timberlake needs someone to be a work for him. I would like to become a back up singer.

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