Ex-con Minister Claims He Saved Whitney From Drugs

Globe magazine spoke with an ex-convict/crack dealer turned preacher Rev. Johnny Jeremiah who revealed he has helped clean up from her drug abuse. Jeremiah proclaimed, “I’m showing Whitney a better way – a higher way. I’m getting her off alcohol and drugs, and she’s sticking with the program.” Whitney’s pals deny his claims saying she’s cleaned up on his own. Whatever the case, Whitney is looking much better, as an insider said, “She looks great again. She’s put on 12 pounds and is really taking care of herself. She’s exercising, eating properly and, most importantly, she’s off the drugs and alcohol.” Bobby Brown isn’t said to be happy with Jeremiah with a friend confiding, “He’s angry and he doesn’t want Johnny around her.”

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One thought on “Ex-con Minister Claims He Saved Whitney From Drugs

  1. Keith L. Hamilton Sr says:

    I saw Whitney’s interview with Oprah. I feel the need to tell her that once you have crossed the line that divides social use and abuse there is no returning to social alcohol or drug use. We recovering addicts must abstain from all mood and mind altering chemicals. Also a reminder that we Christians do not drink to have fun or socialize in bars.

    “Once a cucumber becomes a pickle it cannot change back.

    I Love You Whitney-”To thine ownself be true”

    Be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.

    Your Gary, IN connection loves you dearly especially the Bryant Family. We are kin to the Drinkards.

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