Ex PR Man Claims Jackson Tried To Kill Siblings’ Music Careers

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports that Michael Jackson’s former trusted PR man, Bob Jones, is about to publish a memoir of his years with the singer. In the book, he alleges that Jackson has purposefully campaigned to kill the careers of his brothers and sisters. “Michael often inquired about what Rebbie [his eldest sister] and Jermaine were trying to do musically … Janet was the exception,” Jones writes. “Michael didn’t have a clue as to what little sis was doing. He thought she was interested in an acting career. He was both stunned and dismayed when she slipped through the cracks and became a musical force on her own.” Read more.

Sherman And Murphy Debate Jackson Case

June 6, 2005 – CBS News legal analysts Mickey Sherman, a defense attorney, and Wendy Murphy, a former prosecutor, discussed Michael Jackson’s health and the possible verdict in the singer’s child molestation trial on ‘The Early Show’ Monday. Watch the segment via cbsnews.com below.

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