Ex Says Eddie’s A Fool For Dumping Sex Mad Mel B

Jason Steele spoke with News of the World about his wild sex with Melanie Brown, and how he feels Eddie Murphy is making a mistake not sticking with the pregnant former Spice Girl. “Eddie’s a fool letting her go,” Jason opined. “She’s dynamite in bed and knows every trick. Eddie has really lost out. I wish I’d kept hold of her myself. Mel has a great body, a fantastic personality and an amazing appetite for sex.”

Mel B Fires Back Over Eddie Murphy’s Paternity Questions

December 8, 2006 – Former Spice Girl responded to claims her former boyfriend Eddie Murphy made questioning the paternity of her unborn baby in an interview with ‘RTL Boulevard’. “I am obviously upset and distressed at some of the comments made by Eddie Murphy to the media,” she said in a statement obtained by ‘Access Hollywood’. “I was astonished [by] what Eddie said there is absolutely no question that Eddie is the father.”

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One thought on “Ex Says Eddie’s A Fool For Dumping Sex Mad Mel B

  1. galleta says:

    Eddie is looking for 2 minutes more worth of fame. Why Mel or any woman would want to be with his old ugly arse is beyond me.

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