Exit Xtina

I am a fan. I’m also a regular visitor and contributor to this site. This past week has seen fellow Christina fans belittle and trash claiming she has handed over her crown to Christina forever. I have one comment on this – its BULL! Like it or not Christina’s career IS in severe trouble. Both her recent singles bombed internationally and all media interest in her has completely diminished.

While Britney certainly has seen her popularity decrease this year this has largely been due to behavior. She can still claim her last 4 singles have hit #1 in Europe and sales of her GH are good, although not great. For Christina fans to say that Britney is over is a large misinterpretation. One seems to forget that it is Spears herself who claims she is stepping back from overexposure.

Christina on the other hand has mentioned nothing of avoiding the media or public, but they in turn have avoided her! Britney still ranks the no.1 female artist in the world, with Beyonce and few others in place behind her. Christina would be lucky to come in fifth.

Once again I will say I’m an Christina fan. There is no doubt her Stripped album exceeds just about any other female album of the past 5 years for its sheer brilliance. But to stand back and think that she still has this success almost 3 years later is highly naive and immature.

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