Expect A Very Different Britney Spears

Sources at Britney Spears’ record label, Jive, confirmed to the Daily Mail that the singer herself was the driving force behind her new look, on display in the new issue of Elle magazine. “Britney’s very determined to take control of her image,” said one insider. “She’s not a little girl any more. She’s discovered her sexuality and the pleasure of being naughty. The Britney we’ll see when the album is released in October will be a very different Britney. We don’t expect parents will necessarily approve. But we’re hoping to broaden her appeal to grown-ups.”

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19 thoughts on “Expect A Very Different Britney Spears

  1. XxmissyxX says:

    Is she crazy? Britney discovered her sexuality a long ass time ago! if that wasn’t sexy, than I don’t know what the hell is! anyways! I can’t wait for her CD… I hope she starts another tour. her concerts always kick ass!

  2. WhateverBiatch says:

    This girl be fine…. did you guys see her new mag. cover… I’m wondering how much more sexier she can get … because she’s already so sexy .. And I bet her stuff will be Good..

  3. britneysbaby2002 says:

    STOP THIS PLEASE!!! Argh, and yet again… “She’s copying Christina..” “Going the same way Christina did”… NO SHE IS NOT!! She is her OWN artist, and she is doing her OWN thing! So what if she wants to be a bit naughty? So you’re saying if Avril Lavigne suddenly got a bit sexier, she’d be copying those two? No No.. They are so different, there is NO WAY you can compare them! I like them both, and I can see that they are totally different… Just because they both started out the same… Hello, they were so young! Now they have grown out of that, and have grown up… Britney is a woman, and her new album is totally gonna rock! I CAN’T WAIT :D :D :D

    GO BRITNEY!!!!!!!!! ;)

  4. Gimmeabreak says:

    I can’t wait for this CD… I think it will be her best one yet…

  5. dyin2bfamous says:

    I don’t get too wrap up in a celebrities image. If I like her new sound, I’ll buy her cd. Just like an actor, I may not like their image but if the movie looks interesting I’ll go see it. There’s just so much information about her new album you don’t know what to believe, that kind of makes it interesting, to me anyway.

  6. britney4ever says:

    wow!! Go Brit!! I can’t wait to see her comeback, I hope she will perform on VMA’s!!!

  7. britneysbaby2002 says:

    She is performing at the VMA’s. Apparently she is gonna… She is gonna perform her new single “The Beat Is Hot” And apparently she wants to make it better than “Slave” WOOHOO :D

  8. britisdabestever says:

    OMG…i can’t wait for her new album to come out….it’s true they don’t expect the parents to like her new image…but I don’t think Britney is out to please lil girls any more…she is doing what she wants to do not what others wants her to do….GREAT BIG PROPS GOES FOR BRITNEY!!!

  9. jtfasho95 says:

    They’ve already broaden her appeal to grown ups just by being a HO.

  10. grprincess says:

    Get it through your heads, Brit is not trying to follow Xtina. Brit came out first if anything Christina has always competed with Brit. Brit got Pepsi endorsement Christina had to get Coke, Brit was in a movie now Christina wants to be in one too. Britney started up the sexuality before Christina when she did “Slave for you”. Christina just followed suit. Got it.

  11. MusicBuff70 says:

    …this will be nice as long as they know that real “grown ups” have musical taste and it doesn’t really matter about the image…. if her music is good, then kudos to her…if it’s not, she may gain a larger Male audience from her naughtier image, but it’ll still be the same criticism from Females: “she’s a slut, she dresses like a whore” Same Old Same old.

  12. RedBeast says:

    I just want to say that it’s pretty clear that Britney Spears is the original and the leader of the pack (Christina, Mandy, Jessica, Stacie, etc) Everyone knows that; the media, the news reporters, talk show hosts, critics, etc. even if Britney retired from music and Christina was still present, Britney will always be known as the original and leader no matter what. She was ranked 20 on the 200 pop culture icons, beating out someone who is legendary-Janet Jackson. Nowhere was there Christina on the list. That list pretty much shows who’s in lead, plus everyone knows that Britney came out first.

  13. jujusdevilchild says:

    See, I like Brit’s music, but this is one of the problems I have with her career. It’s all about image. It isn’t news that she’s going to change it. Talent is what artist should rely on. At the end of the day her image does not affect her music, so why is it so damn important. It’s about sales instead of quality.

    And just to add that VH1 list was a pile of crap. It didn’t mean a damn thing. Madonna & Janet are leaders of the entertainers pack, not Brit, Mandy or Jessica can change that. Aretha & Chaka Khan are the leaders of the singers pack, not Christina or Beyonce can change that.

  14. RavenMcCoy80 says:

    Hell, I’ll give it a shot. If she can turn me back into being a fan, and if she can NOT be such a hypocrite anymore, then so shall it be.

  15. bella89 says:

    Dammit, that’s exactly what Christina Aguilera said…and Jessica Simpson. They’re trying to lose their damn ‘pop image’ and it’s getting on my damn nerves.

    Look Britney no one wants to hear you singing about sex in bondage gear humping a tree pole, I don’t want to see any female do it because I’m not into soft-porn, geez.

    She’s going to lose a lot of female fans and gain a lot more older men…-cough- older men…like 30 year olds…-cough-

  16. Jeff_tNET says:

    hahaha! why do all the ‘Britney-haters’ come and read all the articles about Britney? you guys are kinda making it obvious that you really do like her but you are hiding it for some odd reason…..*cough*collins xtina*cough*xtina dirrty*cough*

  17. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Many haters of Britney dislike her because of who she really is, not what songs she cranks out.

    She’s proven time and time again that:

    1) she’s a total dip*s*h*i*t who doesn’t know basic things like where Canada is or who Yoko Ono is.

    2) she copies icons or who’s hot right now for her ideas – little or no originality there. Her moves have been straight from Janet Jackson for a long time and now she’s gonna have Paula Abdul be her choreographer? Hello, 1980’s and Janet Jackson? We’ve been there before. Stale.

    3) her music is overproduced to compensate or her limited vocal abilities. When live, she lipsyncs a great deal. Saying that she has to sing and dance at once is a good reason to lipsync is a cop out. Many other artists can do it, so can she. She’s been in the business long enough to learn to dance and sing at the same time, not rip off her fans for $75 a ticket to see her lipsynch 90% of her show. Personally, I’d rather hear an artist sound like crap live than great lipsyncing.

    4) she doesn’t give a s*h*i*t about her fans and has made a career out of lying to them (contradictory statements left and right) and snubbing them. This one is a big one with the haters. Her lies and double talk.

    THAT’S WHY PEOPLE HATE ON BRITNEY SPEARS. It’s her, not necessarily her music, who she works with, what she wears, who she dates. It’s her.

  18. luluvon_2000 says:

    Madonna was in a movie, than Britney was in one, Madonna started up sexuality and then Britney did….and whats your point? I know what mines is. Get it through your head, Britney is NOT THE ORIGINATOR OF SEXUALITY AND MOVIES!!! If you think Christina is following Britney, than what Britney doing “Similar” things as X-tina? The hair, the “reveling all and not afraid of my sexuality or to be naughty” and posing topless??? Some people talk about all of the similar things Christina did, but they total ignore things when the situation is switched. It’s hypocritical and just silly. Christina and Britney aren’t copying each other. No offense to you though, I’m just stating my opinion.


  19. Dancer4Life says:

    Yeah, you are true you can’t compare the two because one has pure talent while the other one doesn’t. I don’t care what people say Christina has the real talent out of the two. Britney is just a pretty performer who gets a lot of attention based on her looks not her talent. I think it would be safe to say that she is going in the direction that Christina did when her ‘Stripped’ album came out. Britney always says she is finding herself and getting more edgy with every album, but it seems like this new album isn’t going to be any different then any of her other albums. Britney is starting to become very unoriginal now in my opinion.

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