Extreme In-Fighting Behind Hear’Say Split

News of the World reports the true reason for the Hear’Say split earlier this week wasn’t because of hatred from the public, but hatred from within the group. The most serious tension focused around the busty Myleene Klass, who told bandmate Noel Sullivan: “You’re a Welsh ****.” Klass also stopped talking to Suzanne Shaw, even though they live in the same block of luxury London flats. Now that the group has split, Klass is baring her claws at former bandmate Kym Marsh. “Myleene wants her solo deal sorted as soon as she can,” said a source. “She’s been approached by other labels and she’s working on the best deal for herself. She’s also spitting blood for Kym. The pair never got on but you’d think she’d drop it by now. But she’s not having any of it.”

Foster To Vacation Abroad After Hear’Say Split

October 3, 2002 – Hear’Say’s Shrek look-a-like Danny Foster says now that the group has split, he’s also going to split England, travelling for the remainder of the year, where he’ll contemplate his future. His grandad Reggie commented, “He’s looking forward to a rest and getting away from it all. It has been stressful. Something like that always is. Personally, I was always happier listening to him sing karaoke down the pub.”

In-Fighting Not Behind Hear’Say Split Says Source

October 1, 2002 – The London Mirror reports that insiders say the TV manufactured group Hear’Say split after being together less than two years because, “They felt they were constantly competing to try and win public approval.” The source denied fighting within the group prompted the split. The paper thinks Danny, Noel and Suzanne will sink back into obscurity, but the huge breasted probably will continue on.

Hear’Say Are Done – Say Abuse Got Too Much

October 1, 2002 – The Sun reports Hear’Say have decided to split, after getting daily abuse from the public which made their lives hell. Myleene Klass, 24, said, “Nobody deserves what we went through.” Danny Foster said, “Myleene was being called a bitch every day by people in the street and we were being called wankers. It all got too much.” Noel Sullivan commented, “We’re not millionaires but we are a lot better off than we would have been if we had been waiters and cleaners. Now we can go back to our families and give something back – we’ve been missing from their lives for nearly two years.”

Popstars Judges Say Hear’Say Are Finished

3, 2002 – The Sun reports judges from Popstars, the show that created Hear’Say, think the group is sunk. Louis Walsh, manager of Westlife, blasted, “It’s all over for Hear’Say. They had their chance but they’ve blown it.” Fellow judge Pete Waterman added, “Who are Hear’Say? I don’t care or know who they are.”

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