Fact Of Christina Aguilera Tour Cancellation

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Why does it really matter at this point the “real” reason cancelled her tour? I mean, she said she a vocal chord problem, and those do last longer than a week… there is no quick cure for that, only time and resting the voice. Maybe she CANCELED it instead of RESCHEDULING it because she couldn’t reschedule yet or even at all. She might have other commitments already planned after tour was to be over.

Her idol Julie Andrews had vocal chord problems and she didn’t stop singing when the doctor told her. She ended up paralyzing her vocal chords and could not even talk for years. She can talk now (now that it’s like 30 yrs later) but she can not sing anywhere near to the ability she could when she was younger. I would really hate for that to happen to Christina. Nobody can deny she has an amazing voice for such a tiny person. She has concerts because it showcases her voice and the fact that she always sings live (that’s not a remark towards Brit, it’s just a fact) attributes to more vocal problems. She sounded bad when she called TRL the other day, and she has had problems in the past.. (i.e. the 2000 VMA’s performance and duet w/ Fred Durst, she had problems because she had just began her first tour and her voice was stressed.)

Some people on here can be very mean, especially the Christina haters. Until we have some real facts and not some rumor gossip crap, nobody should believe she stopped the tour because of money. Why must people make up stuff? It just starts a bunch of unnecessary drama.

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