Facts & Fiction In Music (2)

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Here’s additional factual information to dispel all the circulating rumors about our favorite topics in music. There is much more to understand about music other than artist’s hyped sales figures or common misconceptions about how music is distributed worldwide. These bits of information may enlighten the ignorant music fanatics who go by everything favorable. As a legitimate music enthusiast one shouldn’t accept something as truth without even scrutinizing it.

Fiction #1:

The European Market & other major music markets (e.g. Japan, South Korea) outside the U.S. are third world. Therefore, the U.S. market is more important.
Fact #1:

Developed countries in Western Europe like France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland etc. or other Asian countries (Japan, Singapore or South Korea) aren’t 3rd world because they have advanced (or more advanced) music distribution markets than in America. Combined their importance is greater than that of the U.S. market alone.

Fiction #2:

The U.S. music market is approximately half (or bigger) than the world because the Biggest Selling Album ‘Thriller’ sold 27 million in the U.S. & 24 million outside the U.S. Shania’s ‘Come On Over’ sold 20 million in the U.S. & 18 million outside the U.S.

Fact #2:

Those are isolated cases only. In general the music sales are much bigger outside the U.S. According to IFPI the total world sales for 2004 were 2.7 billion units (CDs, Cassettes, & DVDs). The U.S. accounted for roughly 1 billion units which is 37% of the total. This is the reason why some artists sell phenomenally despite relatively low U.S. sales. Madonna sold only 3 million in the U.S. but 10 million overseas for a whopping 13 million in total.

Fiction #3:

has been rumored to have sold 65 million records (Albums & Singles combined).

Fact #3:

According to her discography Christina sold 37million albums (‘Christina Aguilera’ = 16 million, ‘Mi Reflejo’ = 5 million, ‘Christmas’ = 3 million, ‘Just Be Free’ = 1 million, & ‘Stripped’ = 12 million). The IFPI has listed that has sold 40 million records (34 million albums). The same IFPI list states Britney sold 85 million records (71 million albums).

There are no figures for singles (official or not). A fan site said she sold 25 million singles without even breaking down sales for each single. If we approve the 65 million (unverified) sales for Christina it’s the same as approving the broken-down singles sales of Britney’s discography at 47 million. This makes Britney sales total to 118 million (71 million albums + 47 million singles).

Christina sold around 40 million & Britney sold around 85 million. If there’s no official press statement or figures it’s more accurate to stick to the general media estimates or the conservative figures. This is better because fan-sites often exaggerate things.

Fiction #4:

Madonna won 5 Grammy Awards.

Fact #4:

Madonna won 6 Grammy Awards. Her 6th award was the Best Recording Package for ‘Music’.

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