Facts Of Popdirt

Contributed Anonymously:

1. Someone’s favourite pop star defines them

2. Bashing and comparing will never end.

3. If bashing and comparing ended no one would come to the site.

4. Essays piss everyone of, but are the most commented on topics.

5. fans think that she is a good dancer, an excellent performer and fun. She can do no wrong.

6. Christina Aguilera fans think that she is a good singer, an excellent artist and a good role model. She can do no wrong.

7. Get a Britney fan and a Christina fan in the same post and you posters will revert back to children flinging insults
like; ‘slutina’ ‘slutney’ ‘floptina’ ‘flopney’

8. Boy band fans are obsessive and insanely possessive to the point of stalkers.

9. Jennifer Lopez fans tend to be homosexual

10. No one cares about the following artists; Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Norah Jones, Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne and Posh.

11. There are three levels of insults which will occur when opposing fans are in the same area.
The first : Name-calling
The second : Personality attacking
The third : Racism, sexism, homophobia. (i.e – slut, wetback, terrorist) and general nastiness. Once it has reached this level back away slowly.

12. Members who get banned once too often eventually give up and end up on rapdirt.

13. Members whose screen-names begin with the letter M are for some reason ridiculously sensitive.

14. Members whose screen names begin with J always babble out superior sounding rants

15. Any member whose name or fake email is making fun of a pop star or other member cannot be taken seriously and nothing but second grade humor will be uttered by them.

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