Fan Meets Britney Spears At Starbucks In New York

Contributed by britney4ever:

A visitor of WorldOfBritney writes, “Yesterday I was walking through NYC with my mom (how fun) and we decided to stop in a Starbucks. Now, I’m not really one for coffee so as my mom went up to order I just went and plopped down at a table and I sat there for a minute or two playing with my napkin and I heard someone walk in and I heard that infamous laugh. I continued playing with my napkin desperately trying to make those cool formations that they have at the really fancy restaurants. When my mom came back, she was like “Ok why aren’t you freaking out and harassing her?” and I was like who? and I turned around to see who she was talking about. All thoughts of it being Britney pushed out of my head and I saw the white newsboy cap and she turned around.

Completely oblivious to my mothers endless babbling about how I should leave her alone I had to go up and be an annoying fan so I went up and opted for the dumb fan approach and asked if she really was Britney. After that she was really cool and we talked for a lil while until one of her body guards who I’m assuming was Rob and FE (yes i got excited when i saw her too) told her they had to get going.
It was great she just hugged me and apologized for having to go so fast and I had to go back to my table with my mom where I finally let out my teeny bopper squeal and my mom proceeded to roll her eyes and tell me she was just “another person”.
That’s pretty much the end of my story, I just figured I’d tell u about it cause I got to meet her finally and she was REALLY sweet in light of all the bad press she’s gotten lately, I figured a story with a positive image of her could lift everyone’s spirits.”

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